Birdie, Aerial Photography Simplified

by Tech Mainstream Staff

June 8, 2017

Birdie, Aerial Photography Simplified

Described as taking "pictures and videos as never before," Birdie, is an aerodynamically-shaped device built for action cams like the GoPro (GoPro® Hero 3+, 4 and 5). Designed for aerial photography, Birdie can be tossed into the air with your camera inside to take "continuous photos on the way up to maximum altitude, and on the way back down. It’s specifically engineered to protect your gear from damage."

Birdie is useful for park activities, vacations and sports. It is portable and lightweight (no cumbersome drone needed here) and most importantly the device does not require batteries. If your camera is waterproof, then you can use it around water at the pool or beach. The speed, angle and height of Birdie is ultimately controlled by your shot "throwing style."

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