Aero Garden, The Indoor Garden

by Tech Mainstream Staff

April 6, 2020

Aero Garden, The Indoor Garden

(Tech Mainstream) Outdoor gardening has its challenges for many people. One solution to help solve this issue is the Aero Garden an indoor garden that includes a container where pods, filled with organic matter and seeds, are placed. All you have to do is keep the pods watered and the accompanying LED Grow Light System, lit: "No green thumb required grow in 3 easy steps." The gardens grow hydroponically- meaning only in water: "Plants grow in water 5x faster than in soil."

With these conditions met, you will have a substantial garden growing in no time with abundant herbs, vegetables or flowers in a few days or weeks- a definite plus for the recent requirements for social distancing and less trips to the grocery store.

Aero Garden Pricing

From the beginning or serious indoor gardener, a wide array of Aero Garden options are available. The Farm options are more pricey, between $599.95-$799.95 but include the ability to grow more volume of vegetables or flowers with 24 pods.

The Bounty Classic and Bounty garden ranges from $279.96-$343.96 and contain 9 pods, still sufficient for abundant plants as the name implies. For easier gardening,  Bounty Classic features a large color touch screen control panel with water & plant food reminders.

The Harvest family gardens currently range from$119.96-$143.96 and are more the in between variations with 6 pods.

If your plant needs are minimal the Sprout garden is for you. Selling for $74.95, the Sprout garden has 3 pods yet still can provide you with enough satifying fresh produce.

An even less expensive Herbie garden is available for $39.96. Herbie is a fun, at-home science project for kids. The Herbie kit includes 1 AeroGarden Herbie, 1 Pizza Party Activity Booklet, 1 Marker, Basil & Oregano Seeds, 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Dropper, 2 Domes and 1 Plant Food (3 fl oz). 

Other Important Information

Aero Garden also maintains a blog to help individuals with subjects ranging from types of plants to grow, recipes, dealing with garden pests and other subjects of interest to indoor gardeners. Besides the gardens, Aero Garden also includes seed kits, grow lights, accessories and various resources.





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