MozCast Tracks Google's Algorithm

by Tech Mainstream

December 7, 2019

MozCast Tracks Google's Algorithms 

The Google algorithm is being tracked, by Mozcast. Mozcast tracks the "weather" patterns of the Google algorithm- the day-to-day changes in the Google algorithm. In 2018, Google "reported an incredible 3,234 updates — an average of almost 9 per day, and more than 8 times the number of updates in 2009."

Every 24 hours, Mozcast hand-picks a set of 1,000 keywords and analyzes the top 10 Google organic results:

"Each day, we take the current top 10 and compare it to the previous day's top 10 (for any given keyword), and calculate a rate of change or "delta". Specifically, we use two metrics – called Delta 100 and Delta10 – which measure the change across the entire set of top 10 results. Then, we crunch Delta10 across all 1,000 keywords and multiply the resulting average by a fixed multiplier (currently, 28.0) to produce something that looks like a temperature (in °F). An average day is about 70°F."

Hotter temperature means Google rankings have changed significantly in the previous 24 hours. Temperature levels are divided into five severity levels. Hot and stormy weather indicate a significant algorithm change. Every morning, data is updated at 7:30am Pacific Time and 5 days of data are available. Recent Google algorithm activity can be monitored at Google Algorithm Update History  and @mozcast offers a daily weather report.