Yahoo Redefines Email Expression

by Tech Mainstream Staff

Febuary 23, 2017

Yahoo Redefines Email Expression

If you use Yahoo Mail then your email experience is about to improve- especially if you currently use an iPhone (iOS 10 and above). When you receive an email, instead of manually entering a sender's provided phone number into your phone contacts, Yahoo Mail will automatically extract the phone contact information provided in the email. Next, when the sender happens to call, the number and associated contact will appear in the caller ID. Essentially, "your contact’s name will surface with the call; and Yahoo Mail will update names in your call history or when you dial."

The other interesting new feature of Yahoo Mail is the photo upload feature. Basically, "once the feature is enabled, your recent camera roll photos will be instantly available when accessing your Yahoo Mail account on desktop. You’ll also be able to search your mobile photos easily in the sidebar thanks to Yahoo’s image recognition technology." To enable the photo upload feature in the iOS or Android Yahoo Mail app, go to Settings > Photo upload, and toggle the “Upload photos”.