Android Security Year in Review

by Tech Mainstream Staff

March 28, 2017

Android Security Year in Review

The third annual Android Security Year in Review was recently released by the Android security team. The review determined the measures exercised by Android to protect its users and their associated data. In an official statement by Android, "security is critical for every single one of our 1.4 billion Android users — from consumers to enterprise users in highly regulated industries."

A number of enterprise security and management features were released by Android in 2016, namely "'always-on' VPN, security policy transparency, process logging, improved WiFi certification handling and client certification improvements." By stopping dangerous apps, introducing new security features in Android 7.0 Nougat and also by discussing issues with device manufacturers, researchers and other Android contributors.

As a result of the expanded security measures, "Potentially Harmful Apps (PHAs) that may put users’ data or devices at risk, worked with partners to improve security device update rates and grew our Android Security Rewards program."